Jumat, Desember 17, 2004

ZoukOut Singapore 2004

This is where party people congregate each year to, what else, party! ZoukOut Singapore has become something of an institution for dance music fans in its relatively short history. Now in its fourth year, ZoukOut Singapore has deservedly earned a reputation as the premiere dance music festival in Southeast Asia.

Back in Sentosa after last year's only change of venue at Marina South, ZoukOut Singapore 2004 was everything one would expect of this annual event. It was so well organized -- from transportation to crowd control to toilet facilities to the excellent music and the various little activities. An estimated 15,000 people were at Tanjong Beach to party till dawn.

Crowd favorites DJs Jazzy Jeff, Timo Maas, Paul Van Dyk and Pippi had thousands gyrating to their music. Tired feet could rest on the sand or chill out with drinks or food. But by and large, the beautiful people at ZoukOut were hell bent on having a great time dancing to the groovy music.

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